Our mission – satisfied customer, high-quality services and timely delivery.

A team of over 20 employees is working on implementing the interior design projects, which
combines the young spirit and the experience of those being part of the company since its beginnings.

Ornamaks Design Studio is the first stage of listening to your needs.
Second step is creating a design.
Third step is its realization.

Making furniture is the second link in the chain of the project implementation process. High-quality
materials are used, being carefully selected together with you, as per your needs and the purpose

The third link, although being presented as the last one, is our strongest link, which is our production
of Ornalit
, the only one in our country, being a completely inland product. We can respond to even the
most specific tastes therewith. Various shapes with a wide range of colors are thus being offered,
whereby we can make combinations and fit this material in the interior design in many diverse ways,
such as kitchen hobs, bar counters, toilets, tables, wall coverings, railings…

Its most peculiar features are 100% water resistance and antibacterial surface, thus making it
irreplaceable in the kitchen space, the bathroom, by also fitting perfectly in other parts of the premises
being arranged, thus giving the impression of a unique design. By being featured with base and acid
resistance, it is easily applicable in cleanroom laboratories, technical and examination desks for
working in medical institutions and wherever there is a need for water resistance, antibacterial and
base acid resistance.

In addition, its peculiarity is marked with easy and simple maintenance, as well as the possibility of its

By being committed to the development of the company, as well as oriented to the needs of the
market and the requirements of the customers, Ornamaks has been operating successfully for more
than 25 years
. It started with the idea of ​​two young people with an entrepreneurial spirit, willing to
turn the desire for developing a production process of Ornalit – composite material, into e reality. We
have been recording continuous growth for 25 years, thus growing into a company known for its high-
quality design and compliance with the deadlines. Many projects in individual, as well as public
buildings, speak in favor of our mission.

We remain committed to keep accomplishing this mission in future, by making investments in the
development of both our company and our employees. That is the key to our success.

Ornamaks team