ORNAMAKS was founded back in 1992 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, as a company with two main sectors:

Accounting consultation and book-keeping bureau; &
Manufacturing of artificial marble material, named Ornalit (MAKSTPUN)

The first sector has capacity to answer every economic questions like consultations, values, accounting book-keeping, deriving and making taxes for add values, counting taxes from profit, creating a commercial book, deriving salaries, as well as creating an final account. We are prepared to find out how can we meet your needs.

This website is an explanation, an image of the second sector, dedicated to factory manufacturing and producing panel plates from composite materials. Panel plates (the ornalit itself) are examined by IHPRM and certified for implementation in all HASSAP systems. They are bacteriological, chemical, water and electrical resisting materials. Those panels are used for any interior arrangement, like kitchen and dining-room tables, coverings, kitchen counter tops, parapet boards, baths, toilet sinks, office desks, stands and everything what your imaginations can contrive.

Orce Simeonov
email: [email protected]

Foreign collaborator:
Nikola Kotev Stoimenov
email: [email protected]

Ornamaks official e-mail: [email protected]
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Accounting & Book-Keeping Bureau

Book-keeping chief:
Natasha Trpchevik
email: [email protected]

Marika Simeonova